Jođi lea buoret go oru

Its better to be on the
move than being still

About us

Cozy mini hotel located centrally in East-Finnmark

8 Seasons Hotel is a cozy mini-hotel situated centrally in East-Finnmark. Inspired by the natural surroundings, reindeer husbandry, local culture, and way of life, makes 8 Seasons the perfect place to experience peace and quiet. Staying with us gives you easy access to the local community, and allows you to experience the unique hospitality Finnmark has to offer.

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Practical information

  • Located centrally in Varangerbotn
  • 60 km from Vadsø airport
  • 130 km from Kirkenes airport
  • Easy self-service check-in and check-out
  • Self-service breakfast
  • Private meeting room or dining room available

8 seasons

The 8 Sami seasons

The hotel’s concept is built on the owner’s connection to reindeer husbandry culture and their way of life throughout the eight seasons. From the small details in each room to the ethnographic design of the logo. Varangerbotn and the surrounding areas are rich in history, with thousands of years of settlements, and were central to the arrival and development of the Sami culture. We invite you on a journey through time and place to experience our reindeer husbandry and way of life by naming each room after one of the eight seasons, thus the name of the hotel.

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