An experience of a lifetime

Meet Hans!

It all started in the winter of 2019 when a small, emaciated reindeer calf was found alone on a mountain ledge near Dierggejávri, on the south side of the Varangerfjord. It had been an extremely tough winter for many animals, as there was a lot of snow and limited access to food. It was then that Lisa received a phone call asking if she could take in the little animal that later got the name Hans. The reindeer Hans is the owner’s inspiration for the 8 Seasons concept.

Lisa took care of Hans for a while that winter. The intention was for the reindeer calf to be released into the wild again eventually, but he had to get strong enough first. With proper grooming and good care, Hans gained more and more energy, and he was ready to be released with a reindeer herd that was on its way to summer grazing. This would turn out to be more difficult than expected, because Hans had become so attached to the human – and did not want to leave Lisa’s side. He followed her like a dog. She tried to chase him away, but he ran straight back to her. That’s when Lisa decided to keep Hans.

That was the start of the collaboration with Ragne Smuk and what is today the Skakkerud reindeer reserve. At Skakkerud, Hans stays with many other reindeer who need human help to survive.

All the reindeers are released in the spring, and roam freely until the snow arrives. Then they gather and live the happy days of life at Skakkerud and have been well taken care of. It is therefore only possible to meet Hans when the snow has fallen.

We have great respect for these animals, and offer only natural interaction with them.


Do you want to meet Hans and the rest of the pack?

Sit around the fire with something hot in your cup and hear the story of the reindeer’s important role for the Sami throughout the 8 seasons?

1 hour NOK 600 per person

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