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Cozy mini hotel

8 seasons is a cozy mini hotel located centrally in East-Finnmark. With inspiration from both the surrounding nature and the reindeer husbandry culture, making us the perfect place to experience peace and quiet. Staying with us will give you easy access to the local community, and allow you to experience the unique hospitality we have here in Finnmark. The owner’s excitement and connection to the reindeer husbandry culture and their way of life through the eight seasons is the foundation of the hotel’s concept. From the small details in each room to the ethnographic design of the logo.

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Varangerbotn is a small but beautiful upcoming tourist destination that deserves a visit. This hidden destination has unique things to do and Varangerbotn and the surrounding areas are rich in history, with thousands of years of settlements that were central to the arrival and development of the Sami culture. Come and book with us and get an insider view of this hidden gem.

Varangerfjorden i solnedgang - Foto Lena M Kristiansen

Our exhibition

Colour my past

8 Seasons have a permanent exhibition of pictures taken by the Northern Lights researcher Sophus Tromholt. Later Per Ivar Somby started an art project with adding colour to photographs of his ancestors. His book, “People Under the Northern Lights”, was published in 2019. The book is a trilingual book of photos, where Somby presents a selection of Sophus Tromholt’s photographs from Finnmark, in color. The artist’s own portrait mirrors Tromholt’s original style, even down to the contemporary posture. The images is unique in their style and have been included in UNESCO’s list of world documentaries, from 2012.

Book a stay with us and you will experience this wonderful look back into the past.